How important is time management in life?

Time management is one of the important factors that can make one’s life full and well lived. But, how well we manage our time can be understood only when we analyze or make an effort to study our life patterns. Today the whole world is moving fast and in today’s fast paced life style, if you want to make out most from your personal as well as official life, then time management is very important in your life.

When it comes to various techniques of time management then there are many such techniques that can be made use by you for having an effective control over the flow of events in your daily life. You can also keep the list of such time management techniques as a guide to take control of the situations that keep unfolding in your life regularly and take effective decisions.


Time is common for all living things in this world and all are equally made to have 24 full hours a day and no one could have even a single minute more. Further, time will never wait for anyone. Now for having gifted with full 24 hours a day, it all matters how you are going to use the time at your disposal in a more efficient and meaningful manner.


One important key could be that you should be more effective in handling things or in other words you should be able to complete the job within the allocated time frame so as to gain more time that can be used more effectively for your other activities. There are many ways and means to manage time and through such methods you can play a very effective role in your daily life and be successful in your business life and your social life as well.


Create your own THINGS TO DO LIST

“Things to-do list” is the most commonly used simple technique followed by many successful people and the simplest of all tasks in this is that you need not take much time in preparing one. The things to-do list technique is being ardently followed by all CEOs, COOs, and all other top-level executives of all multi-national companies and by all successful entrepreneurs of various businesses.


Creating a List on Daily Basis: This relates to things that are to be done or accomplished or completed for the day. Though you may have all those things to-do in your mind, there is a possibility that you may not devise a plan as to how to achieve it and any list that is being held in your memory may not be well organized. You may also not be able to prioritize the important task among the list held in your memory.


So, first get all the tasks jotted down on paper so as to have a clear idea on what task is to be done first and which task has to be given priority. Only when you write down the things to-do list will you be able to correctly make coherence and devise strategies to achieve them.


Almost all the people who have resorted to this type were able show wonderful performance and it has worked for all types of professionals. In order to succeed in achieving all the set goals for the day, you first write down them and make priorities among the tasks.


While making or deciding your priorities consider the following points that might prove to be very useful in arranging your tasks:


· Urgent and Highly Important
· Not Very Urgent, but quite Reasonably Important
· Not Urgent and Not Important
· Deferrable or Adjournable


The important lesson that you should learn here is that you should know all your job categories and accord high importance in prioritizing your plans that fall under the first two categories. Majority of times you will be seen getting stuck with unimportant tasks and at the cost more important things you stand to lose a major portion of your valuable time.


After identifying the types and nature of the tasks and after setting priorities you can either postpone um-important tasks or delegate them to other persons for completion. This technique can be well applied both in your official as well as in your personal life. Such type of delegation can make you to concentrate more and have a very valuable time for doing important things.


How do you start

There is no set right time to start using or practicing any of the time management techniques and the right time is “Now”. As and when you set your goals and prioritize them based on its importance, then it is time for you to get plunged directly into actions for achieving it. The so planned strategies should fall in line to conform to the requirement of immediate action.


Once you are done with one of the important works, then you can get yourself involved into other important category. The satisfaction level that you get the moment you exhaust the items of the things to-do list could never be compared with any other satisfaction and you are sure to go crazy over things to-do list technique.


Alternative Way of Doing it

It is rightly said that people really get exhausted not by the task but by the thought of the task. Yes, it is natural for many people to get agitated, annoyed and exhausted by just thinking about the things without actually trying any of the possible ways and means of doing the job.


But people with the same procrastinating attitude will never miss an opportunity to advise others on matters such as how to prioritize things in life and learn the techniques of doing things. Does it not show two different faces of a single person who is capable of doing things both ways?


When you are known to possess such valuable tips for successful time management for others, why don’t you yourself apply that in your daily life and come out as a successful person? Hope you are aware that this particular behaviour of individuals is being referred as “Swiss Cheese Method” and this has changed many people’s life more towards the way they wanted it to be.


Swiss Cheese Method

This popular technique is nothing but the same method of prioritizing your needs, but with a different flavor. Yes, you need to do the job as if you are doing it for others and in the process you will have few eccentric ideas that may help when it comes to your own case. It is the nature of human mind that it will work more to reach that extra mile when it focuses on jobs of others and in the event you will have undivided attention and extra focus on the subject.


The moment you have finished with the job, you can feel that all your imaginary fears and apprehensions melting away instantly and making you to get involved in the process of completing the laid down tasks with great enthusiasm. This Swiss Cheese Method is one of the widely tried and time-tested techniques that have bestowed success on many a personalities of various fields.


Again it is always natural for the human mind to comprehend only the possibilities and the hidden lacuna might escape your attention while arriving at any of the solutions or handling any of the situations. Hence it is advised to look into the interruptions angle also that may pose a hindrance in your daily life, be it personal or official life.


To know what could be the possible interruptions, read on:


· Inadequate information leading to improper planning
· Absence of resources or inadequate resources
· Improper or deficiency in communication
· Unwanted socializing that could be either postponed or totally avoided
· Unnecessary importance given to visitors not connected to the tasks


Learn to say a NO

One of the golden rules in time management is learning to say “No”. Further, it is also stressed that you should never say “Yes” when you want to say “No”. Though many people would dislike saying a No to others, we are also supposed to know that a major portion of our time is wasted on unnecessary things and the wastage of time could easily be avoided by a simple “No” said in an unoffending way.

Still many people, despite of being aware of their inability to say a No, never take efforts to learn this simple yet effective technique in a successful time management. There are ways and means to say a No in an unoffending manner and the more you learn and start saying No to things, the more you will have time at your disposal and lesser the feeling of guilt. At end you will have more time to relax and hence from right now learn to say No to things that you doesn’t need to concern about.


From now onwards start the exercise of finding out how you waste your precious time. Think hard and never mind taking time on this exercise as time spent on this exercise is a very valuable one and is capable of giving you many related benefits. In the process, you may be able to identify many things or factors that have actually robbed your precious time from you and there may be reasons binding both your personal and official life.

Now for having identified few valid causes, find out a way out to handle things differently for the given situation. And you may come with more efficient and effective steps for doing things differently with the same beneficial results or even more.


If you do not have the habit of setting targets, then from now onwards make it a point to set your targets and you are free to set targets for the day or a week or even half yearly targets. You should never settle with setting targets alone. You should be able to develop the required strategies efficiently to complete the set target, again well within another target of set time frame.


The moment you start setting your priorities and manage time efficiently you will start standing out from all your fellow non-performers.


Learn to manage your time lest get left out in the crowd and get managed by others.


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