Role of Security Management In An Organization

Security management is an important part in any company in the IT industry. Even apart from the IT industry any company that uses many systems, devices, and computers would need proper security management. To conduct the business effectively, you need to know the users of your systems properly and you have to give them exclusively rights to some resources depending on the position they occupy in your company.


Hence controlling the access rights is also very important. Moreover if there is any threat to your resources or if there is any threat in the sort of violation of the rights given for a particular user you must me intimated of that as soon as possible. This enables you to take early remedies and to prevent any such events in the future.


There are many companies providing you solutions for security management. Some of the companies that provide you with good products are NetIQ, Computer Associates, and IBM. You can search the internet through a good search engine for such products that can be used for security management. With the advent of the internet securing your network has become a task. Products for this purpose are available in plenty.


CA’s eTrust Security Management solution is one such product for security management. This product allows you to act intelligently and quickly to the threats that you face. These products enable you to focus on your business while your network is secured. eTrust Identity and Access Management, eTrust Threat Management, eTrust Security Information Management, and Mainframe Security are some of the categories in which you can find security management products. To align your business goals with your security management strategy you can use products in the category eTrust Identity and Access Management.


These products restrict the access to resources and services and also provide logging and reporting. You can prevent threats from spyware, viruses, worms, spam and malicious content from entering your network by using products in the category eTrust Threat Management.


They empower your organization to identify the treats and the weaknesses in your infrastructure and to take quick actions. These products enable you to prevent the threats instead of rectifying the effects of a threat. eTrust Security Information Management products enable you to manage real time events and post event analysis to improve the efficiency and reduce costs. eTrust Mainframe security solutions are for the mainframe computers and its network. Security for z/OS, z/VM and VSE business transactions environments are secured by these products.


Products from NetIQ are also for security related threats. They can be deployed quickly and easily. NetIQ’s Security Management solutions have powerful features like real-time security monitoring and protection, policy violation alerts, threat indicators, and features for post event analysis.


The time required for identifying and rectifying the threats are drastically reduced by these products. Email and web security solutions are also provided by NetIQ for internet related risks. NetIQ Security Manager, NetIQ MainMarshal, NetIQ WebMarshal, Firewall Suite, Security Reporting Center, and NetIQ Security Compliance Suite are some of the products available from NetIQ. For more details on their products and solutions available you can visit their website.


In this age of e-business the main challenges are identifying the users and managing security events. These two are easily handled by the security management solutions like IBM Tivoli. The identity management solutions from IBM Tivoli is used to bring your users, systems and applications online fast. You can effectively manage your users, access rights and privacy policies.


You can monitor your network easily and quickly respond to the IT security incidents in your network that does e-business. IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business, IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager, IBM Tivoli Identity Manager, and IBM Tivoli Security Compliance Manager are some of the products from IBM.

You can get many such security related products from many different companies to suit your security requirements.


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