3 Key Points in Creating a Time Management Work Sheet

Time management has proved beneficial in handling activities whether business or personal. Among the various methods included in helping you control use of time, creating a time management work sheet is also one..

A time management work sheet is a time management tool which breaks down your daily activities in to small units of time noting the importance and the period span of each activity. This enables you to analyze your time management habits and indicate parts that may need changes. But how can you make use of such a tool that is effective. A few points which are key to creating, a time management worksheet, are given below.

Identify your obligated activities and their corresponding time

A time management work sheet, generally, can be either in a tabulated or bullet form. In the former is a table with rows and columns with headings for the days of the week and time. This gives a better breakdown of your daily activities and the time you allot for each. It also facilitates an easier way of pointing out important parts.

Obligated work takes up most of your time and is very is very important for you to accomplish daily. As a student your obligated work would be pertaining to classes. If you are employed it relates to your work or job. These activities are on top of priorities but you have other things like commuting, other appointment, meal time and set time for sleeping.

By identifying th4e time for such daily routine, it allows you to calculate the amount of time taken for each and the level of priority for each action.

Identify your free time

Allot for free time every day for any activity t help your obligated activity or rest. Mark out your usual free time in your work sheet which helps you to find out when in a day you are free most likely.

Included in your identification of free time are breaks, study time, television watching, and going out. These are not at al obligatory as they may or may not be acted upon and are based mostly on your schedule or personal whims.

Examine your situation

Examine each part after breaking down the activities and allotment time in your management worksheet. You can then analyze if the time allotted is enough or not enough or too much. As a student, for example you will know if your study time is not enough or the time taken for your bath is too long.

The worksheet will open up” hidden time” that you were not aware of or spent in doing nothing. Accordingly you can make changes in your schedule or other improvements to help you manage your time better.


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