Why Goal Setting Is A Great Time Management Technique

None in the world today exist who are not hard pressed for time. It has become common for the “sandwich Generation” to look after children and parents at the same time. Many people are learning and earning at the same time by attending schools and going for work or doing two jobs. Time management techniques are absolutely essential, for people doing one job, or looking after their families, full time to achieve maximum efficiency.

Goal setting as a management technique

Basic goal setting is one of the best tried and true time management techniques. You have to plan big, set big goals and then break them in to smaller ones and fix up the tasks and achievements required to achieve those small goals. Some day or other they will add up to your big goals.


Say, for example your major goal is to get promotion in work and find that it requires a college degree which you do not have. AT the same time you realize that people who are in the position that you want to achieve are extremely physically fit and quite healthy. You are little obese and could lose a few pounds. How do you implement this time management technique?


First and foremost have tow minor goals-namely getting a college degree and losing 20 pounds maintaining your job at the same time. Then break the goals each in to smaller goals, tasks achievements. Write it down all to make it real. The lists you have prepared, using this time management technique will appear like this.


Major goal getting a better job


Minor goal: Finish your college degree

Sub minor goal: Choose the college from where you want to graduate.


Tasks to achieve this goal: Find out which college offers night classes, visit campuses, meet with admissions and see which school gives you credit for your previous course work. Don’t neglect on line courses to get your degree.


Sub minor goal: Earn the required credits.


Tasks to achieve this goal: Review course catalogue, choose courses, register, attend classes and do course work.


Minor goal 2: Lose 5 lbs.


Tasks to achieve: Join weight watchers, join gym, eat healthy meals, drink lots of water visit gym five days a week.


Sub minor goal: Repeat previous goal three more times


Plan for your day and add an additional task to complete your daily schedule. Use the time management technique of scheduling a goal achieving task as an actual appointment in your day. You can make that call to the registrar or study for the next class.


The beauty and greatness of this time management technique is that it can break any daunting and impossible achievements in to small, doable tasks. By moving slowly forward you move, and cannot be stopped from reaching your major goal.


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