Business Process Management - An Overview

The Business Process Management Initiative (BPMI) embraces existing standards where suitable, working with complementary standards bodies. In areas where standards are missing, BPMI focuses on standards development to support the entire life cycle of business process management – from process design, through employment, execution, maintenance, and optimisation. Business Process Management Initiative focuses upon the business process as the inflexion point between the business environment and a technology performance. Our work is relevant to a wide range of audiences as we innovate a faultless transition ‘path to execution’ for business processes. Our aim is to unify process thinking across Business and IT disciplines.


Process management is not a form of automation, a new killer-app or a fashionable new management theory. Process management manages the lifecycle of improvement and optimization, in a way that transform directly to operation. Whether you wish to adopt industry best practices for efficiency or pursue competitive discrimination, you will need process management. Designed top down in agreement with a company’s strategy, business processes can now be unhindered by the constraints of existing IT systems. The business process management initiative is a non-profit corporation that aims to empower companies of all sizes, across all industries, to develop and operate business processes that span multiple applications and business partners. The Initiative’s core objective is to promote and develop open, complete and that support and make possible. BPMI embraces existing standards where appropriate, working with complementary standards bodies such as the OMG, and OASIS.


Business Process Management Initiative was initially founded as a non-profit to initiate a major step forward in the world of business processes – beyond traditional workflow and ERP systems infrastructure capabilities. We realised that firms wanted the capability to independently manage their business processes as ‘assets’ – without proprietary limitations placed on their employment. In a developing world, processes drive businesses and standards matter. It focuses upon Business Process as the inflexion point between the business environment and a technology performance. Our work is related to a wide range of audiences as we innovate a seamless transition ‘path to implementation’ for Business Processes. Our aim is to combine process thinking across Business and IT disciplines. defines open condition, such as the Business Process Modeling Language, and the Business Process Query Language, that will enable she standards-based management of e-Business processes with forthcoming Business Process Management Systems, in much the same way SQL make possible the standards-based management of business data with off-the-shelf Database Management Systems. The scope of is public interface and two private Implementations. The Public Interface is familiar to the partners and is supported by protocols. The Private Implementations are particular to every partner and are described in any executable language.


Action Technologies, a software firm specializing in business process management (BPM), has expanded its Action Works product to facilitate all the different ways that people work together, including processes, projects, collaborations and ad hoc interactions. Action Works is the only BPM application that facilitates all the different ways that people work together,” the company asserts. Beefing up BPM capability can improve your organization’s ability to compete on cost, quality, speed and service. Income Management is in the business of making money for its clients, but under an important set of conditions. Since it's the client's money, the client gets to decide what kind of risks and strategies are appropriate -- for example, how deep to get into certain companies, or designating acceptable ratings on bonds. People should be able to work at time and be effective at whatever tasks they are undertaking. The right way of working for one role or activity might not be suitable for another and in some cases ‘being there’ might be important while other work could be ‘location independent’.


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