How to Teach Time Management Yourself

If you are a businessman yourself or a freelance writer or an online selling agent you should surely learn a few basic time management skills yourself to make money and get the maximum benefit out of it. You need not go else where or allow others to teach the fundamental principles of time management. If only you have the real inclination or serious interest in learning these skills, you can teach yourself to maximize the benefits.

Should you get special supplies?

Many time management supplies available in the market for your use, if needed are time management software, on line courses, DVDs and business organizers. It is really great if you use them. You are allowed discount in the tax on this stuff.


You do not need this extra stud to succeed in teaching time management to yourself. If you have Microsoft office and a program called out look acting like a time management electronic calendar that will be enough. What exactly required is just pen and paper (especially for Scorpio people who will only make a, to do list if a gun is put to our heads).


Make your own calendar

Get ruled paper and pen. Make 24 or 48lines to mark out daily hours or half hours. A few people are ready to divide the day in to sessions of 15 minutes though it is mental. Jot down how you spend the day usually. Now you can see if you are spending too much time on the aspect of your business and not enough on the other.


Make a calendar yourself to change your projects to know that at least you are spending a good amount of your time on each one. Break the big task in to smaller ones which you can accomplish with out being over whelmed by the mountain of work.


Therefore the act of planning briefly is a great way of teaching time management to your sub conscious mind. The power of the written word is very great according to our ancestors. The words breathe life in to the spell truly. By writing down a play, you commit yourself to it and also to the world at large.


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