Understanding Facility Management

Facility management is an influential facility information management system. It provides the capability to manage all of your facility. It is the administration of buildings and services. Services are divided into hard services and soft services. Hard services includes such things as ensuring that a building's air conditioning is operating efficiently, constantly, securely and legally, soft services includes such things as ensuring that the building is cleaned properly and regularly the performance of contractors (e.g. builders, electricians). All services required for the management of buildings and real estate to maintain and increase their value


Procurement progress system inquiry the vendors production system and automatically notifies managers. Maintenance interactive to design in progress for incorporation of convenience and maintenance needs. The construction made by the labor on a critical activity starts trending toward a probably of exceeding both budget and time constraints. Facility Management uses intelligent drawings incorporating real-world information. You can retrieve and edit selected data from any drawing, or from multiple drawings, inquiry your data for the information you require. From this information shows graphical reports, data based reports, or export this information to a spreadsheet, a text document, or a variety of databases.


Facility management tackles the real challenge of combination, distribution, and access to all that information. Provides a fully integrated facility planning and management system that is the tools and processes for planning, control, and review, including financial controls - of design, construction, and ongoing facility management. While project and facility management are characteristically treated as separate and distinct sets of processes with a discrete handoff point, this element treats them as a single set of processes covering the continuum from initial planning to the end of life of the facility.


Facility Manager brings drawings and data together in a way unusable until now, by integrating drawings, asset, and facility management information. It addresses key requirements for facilities management by giving users more flexibility than stand-alone floor plans, databases or spreadsheets. The open architecture that is the foundation of Facility Management makes it flexible enough to meet the needs of the many disciplines involved in facilities management. Facility Management includes intelligent investigates tools. Locate rooms, equipment and inhabitant across your entire drawing inventory. The selected room or equipment item is highlighted in the suitable drawing. Information associated with the selected item is demonstrated in the Data Display Area.


On a basic level, inventory control systems track spare parts location, accessibility and stocking levels. But when linked as an integrated module of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or an enterprise asset management system (EAMS), they collect additional data and provide a multiplier effect that allows managers to achieve significant increases in effectiveness. These discuss initial setup and follow through, as well as successful CMMS specification. Future management systems will make powerful integrated orchestration and control of project and facility processes, and will be a tool that provides continuous visibility to all plans and tasks all the way through the planning, design, construction and facility lifecycle. The result will be a well-orchestrated series of interconnected tasks and activities optimized for efficiency and results, coordinating resources and plans in an error-free fashion, radically reducing the time and cost required to move from planning to design to construction to operation.


Facility Manager includes intelligent search tackle. Locate rooms, equipment and occupants across your entire drawing inventory. The selected room or equipment item is highlighted in the appropriate drawing. Information associated with the selected item is displayed in the Data Display Area. Facility Manager provides easy to use markup tools. Add text and graphics to your facility drawings that clearly convey a message or call attention to a problem. Dynamic reporting includes both drawings and data. Changes to your data are immediately reflected in drawings, always synchronized, always accurate.


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