Salient Features of Database Management

Database management systems are programs that are written to store, update, and retrieve information from a database. There are many databases available in the market. The most popular are the Oracle and SQL Server. The Oracle database is from the Oracle Corporation and the SQL Server is from the Microsoft Corporation. There are freely available database like MySQL. These are open source databases. Database Management Systems are available for personal computers and for huge systems like mainframes. DB2 is a database from IBM for Mainframe systems.


Structured Query Language is used for querying the databases. Variations of this structured query language in the form of T-SQL and PL-SQL are available. The data that is available in the database is represented in various formats. Usually a report writer program is bundled with the database for generating reports. Crystal reports is one such application that is bundled with SQL Server 2000 and later versions of it. These report generating programs makes it easy for generating any kind of report based on the data that is available in the database. Graphics components are also available in the database management systems to generate reports in the form of charts and graphs.


Products like Quest can be used in conjunction with your database to get more out of your database. The database quality and performance can be improved by using the productivity tools provided for the DBAs by Quest. This product enables you to develop and test SQL code for optimum quality and performance for an application before it ever reaches the production environment. Business threatening performance issues before they reach the end user level are detected and diagnosed.


These issues are resolved as early as possible without interrupting the business. Monitoring, diagnostics, tuning, space management and high availability are the solutions that are provided by Quest like products. Automation and enforcement of business processes are done by using these products. Impact analysis, patch management, version control, audit trial documentation and migration support are available in most of the database management products.

Quest like products are available for database platforms like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL and Sybase.


With its support for the above platforms it can provide uninterrupted service for these databases. Multiple distributed SQL Server databases can be managed easily and efficiently. Unparalleled performance and availability for vital UDB and OS/390 databases are achieved. Tools and services to manage MySQL environments are available. Monitoring, diagnosing, and optimizing the performance of the Sybase database can be done using the tools in Quest.


Unicenter Database Performance is another product from Computer Associates available for DB2 for z/OS and IMS for z/OS and distributed RDBMS. Unicenter Database Administration solutions for the above databases are also available. Unicenter Backup and Recovery solutions DB2 for z/OS and IMS for z/OS and distributed RDBMS are also available.


Although database management systems for these popular databases are available, there are also small database management systems available for taking backup of your database that is used in websites. Many such tools are available which enable you to manage your databases online through easy to use interfaces. These products are very useful for websites that are hosted using shared IP addresses.

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