The Secret To More Productive & Efficient Time Management

There are a few time killers which drag us down and make us less productive and efficient in carrying out our work every day. Every person has to deal with a few time killers and there are others which affect individuals depending on their style of working, personalities and habits and customs.

Note down your bad habits

We have to pay close attention to proper time management because we can get rid of these time killers through its help and utilize our time more productively and efficiently. As a first step towards time management you have to examine how you spend time and note down your habits and situations causing waste of time.


Proper time management comes to your rescue in avoiding a number of common problems including the biggest time killer of all phone calls. The telephone is one of the most abused instruments in modern life. The advent and use of mobile phones have only, aggravated, the wastage of time in talking aimlessly and endlessly not only by people in business and need but by teenagers students and all and sundry.


The second significant time killer to beware of is the time when some gadgets and appliances and machines do not function properly. Proper time management must be used to solve this time killer. Examples of this time killer are found in the photo copier taking a long time in producing the first copy or a drawer that gets stuck. The offending time killer must be dealt with immediately through proper time management


The third and dangerous time killer presents itself as people who talk endlessly. It is rather very difficult to take recourse to a type of time management to stop these chatter boxes. No time management technique appears to suit their elimination. The only solution in this regard, is to avoid, or distance yourself from the company of such people, who have no sense of time at all and discuss trivial matters wasting precious time.


Omnipresent traffic jams affecting life and transport in large cities are the next time killers requiring proper time management techniques. It is a mind boggling and disgusting thing which can be solved by starting off an hour earlier before the traffic begins to jam up.


Long meetings and endless queues are other forms of time killers requiring proper time management solutions. If only you can solve these time killing impediments you will get ample free time to do things you are expected to do and can become more efficient and productive.


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