Understanding Time Management Better

As people talk too much about time management now a days the question arises as to what exactly is this time management and what benefits it offers people who follow it. It has become a buzz word since the 1990s when a few self help coaches started using the words. But time management has been in existence long before its name was dubbed.

It is in conceivable that so many famous people in history achieved renown without the aid of time management skills. From time immemorial time management has been the hall mark of success though it had an elusive definition. It is because of this we have to define time management properly and appropriately. Hence let us answer the question what is time management and define it clearly.


What it really is

Fundamentally time management puts everything in its right place and within an acceptable level of time frame. In other words, if you are preparing for a test, you have to set aside some time per week to study, and you have to choose a specific block of time also.


For two hours of study you must place those two hours in to a suitable block (one two hour, two one hour, four half hour blocks). You may have a problem of eliminating two hours of some thing else. As you cannot absent yourself from school for two hours, you must cut your tow hour visit to movies as planned. Or you can exchange those two hours with some other unnecessary activity.


Time management focuses on bringing in a sense of cohesion in to your schedule. It provides for value judgments regarding what to add or what to remove from the schedule. Time management is not about cramming something in to the schedule or hastily cutting things out of schedule.


Time management maximizes time within a schedule to your final effort it helps maximize your achievements which is a positive thing. So time management is the best way to improve through controlling your schedule. The efficacy and power of this can never be under estimated.


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