Personal Time Management - How To Balance Family & Work

You have been a bachelor for some time and concentrated on your work all the time. But now you have a person whom you are dating happily and seriously. Your love life has become sweater and better while it has negatively affected your work. So the need for you is to balance your personal love with work at the office for which you require some personal time management.

Personal time management need not be difficult

Though your new love and dating are more exciting than the job at hand, you cannot be happy without financial support. Personal time management becomes very important for you to skip work and spend time with your lady love.


At the outset, since it is a new relationship, your personal time management requires you to meet her on nights or days when you are free from work. Frequent meeting with your partner may be boring familiarity breeds contempt.

Start by dating your new partner in the week ends. This personal time management technique is significant in the evolution of the relationship and the success of your job. Spend not more than an hour in talking to her on phone on a day.


Personal time management is not just for your lady but for relationships with close friends and family. Many a time we find people totally engrossed either in their work or romantic relationship, and have no time to spare for the family.


In such situations family come first always then close friends, and then your career. Time management is essential for relationships as well as health. You should not have too many irons in the fire lest your health will be affected due to stress.


Hence in order to balance your relationship with your career you have to choose how to allocate your time. For example on a week day make sure to have a family dinner. Make a scheduled routine here and there to be sure of what to plan in tandem with your work. Though keeping a balance is rather difficult, when you organize, it is possible.


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