College Is Right Time To Perfect Student Time Management

It is said that every college class attendance requires two hours for study ad home work at night. Most college students disapprove of this idea. Hence this is the right and perfect time, to a little student time management so that he can do justice not only to his class lessons but a social life also.


Four years in college is the best period in your life when you are independent meet new people, discover yourself and your ambitions and finally you blossom in to an adult. With all these aspects affecting you who has the patience and time to study for eight to ten hours a day? You need not bother abut this if you know how to do some student time management.


Take thorough notes in the class to get the utmost from time management. If you cannot write fast or if the professor is too fast you can record the lecture through the tape recorder. By playing the tape at leisure you can take down effective notes.


At home rewrite all the notes you have written or recorded. By rewriting the notes all the important points will be ingrained in your brain and implanted in your rote memory. This is one way of maximizing your student time management.



Maximize student time management by taking notes while reading as you do in the class. Reading tests is tedious and as a slow reader you cannot read 50 or more pages a night as ordered by the professor.


Absorb as much as you can while reading and highlight all the important points in the notes. Then rewrite the notes which will be equal to reading the whole chapter or chapters over again. This will again be planted in your rote memory and you will absorb the readings much more effectively.


Attend your classes

Though you gain maximum advantage through time management, it will be disastrous if you skip classes. In the college you miss classes along with friends engaged in other activities, or the classes are too early to you spent the previous night in trouble at the bar.


Don’t skip classes, pay attention, take lots of notes and read the assigned chapters. Then rewrite and remember. In this way you can maximize student time management learn what you are expected to, and still have a social life that is a part and parcel of college life and experience.


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