Time Management Schedule Guidelines

A good time management consists in creating schedules which gives a sense of structure to your day organizing your use of time and resources. It enables to concentrate and prevents you from straying in to time consuming activities and those tasks which you cannot achieve. Proper thought and plan have to be expended to have an effective time management schedule. Here are a few guidelines to achieve.

Create your schedule the night before

By planning and formulating your schedule the night before enables you to think how your following day is likely to be. It allows you to anticipate issue and problems that may occur. You have also relaxation and a satisfaction that you have organized things and checked up your priorities.


Group your similar activities or tasks

Bring in a schedule where you combine all tasks of the same nature so that you can execute them consecutively without going back and forth. This removes redundancy and allows you more time to focus on other tasks.


Make time for ret, relaxation, and recreation

All work and no play makes, Jack a dull boy. You will have stressful experience in such a situation. Allow time for rest, relaxation and recreation. Over work without rest or relaxation or recreation leads to physical and mental fatigue and can completely drain you out. Your productivity consequently suffers considerably and ends in poor time management schedule.


Rest and relaxation is provided by a stroll outside meditation, taking a quick nap during the afternoon. A span of thirty minutes is enough to reenergize the body for limited time frames.


Keep your schedule flexible

Don’t forget that a schedule is not a foot proof or followed down to the last second. A time management schedule is after all a guider on how your day is likely to be or a task may time more time than anticipated. By expecting delays you get a chance to be flexible in managing time.

You should avoid over lapping delay times with other scheduled tasks. In other words if a task exceeds another task, it should not cut that task half but should be adjusted to have the planned allotted time.


Be aware of your limits

It should be the nature of an effective time management schedule not to stress you out but offer you time enough to carry your activities in the most productive manner. Your schedule should not over estimate your abilities and leave an impression that you are a superman. An awareness of your own physical limits will make you plan your schedule accordingly and the load you carry will not burn you out.


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