What is Management?

The term Management has different meaning in different perspective. The meaning varies with the person to whom it is referred to. In general we can say that management is a process that involves planning, managing resources to accomplish the set objectives, and measuring the results got. When we say resources we mean to say not only the human resources but also the other resources (financial resources, materials required, machineries involved etc.) that are needed to accomplish a task or an objective.

There is a common perception that management involves only the managers and the people involved with the management of the company. It is definitely not so. Each an every person in an organization has some tasks that involves managing some resource and reporting about that resource to the higher authority.

Decision making is an important part in management and it often reflects the experience of the person making the decision. Decision making is centered on the three basic questions that lead to making a decision. What change has to be done to achieve a particular goal? To what extent the change has to be made? And how to make that change happen? These questions are dealt with the theories of management. It seems that management theories appeared around 1920. With the development of technology and other development, the management is subdivided into many categories that involve a particular process

Now-a-days each and every process has its own management methods and personnel for managing that process. The basic principle remains the same as planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling to achieve the goal by using the human, financial and material resources.

Asset Management

Asset management is a complete and structured approach to the long-term management of assets as tools for the efficient and valuable delivery of community benefits.

Brand Name Power

The brands name is often revealing of the brands intentions. This is obviously the case for brand names which, from the start, are specifically chosen to convey certain objectives or subjective

Business Process Management

The Business Process Management Initiative (BPMI) embraces existing standards where suitable, working withcomplementary standards bodies. In areas where

Change Management

Change management plays an important role in any organization since the task of managing change is not an easy one. When we say managing change

Data Management

Data Resource Management is the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures that properly manage the full data

Database Management Systems

Database management systems are programs that are written to store, update, and retrieve information from a database

The 5C’s of Events

The activities required for marketing and managing events require certain steps to be followed that can be called the five C’s of events. The First is conceptualization of the creative idea and

Essential Elements in the Event Infrastructure

Event Infrastructure: The name indicates, event infrastructure includes those essential elements with out which there cannot be any event. These essential elements are core concept, core

Building Relationships in an Organization through Events

Creating a forum for bring together key corporate influencers, decision makers and businessmen: To bring the most brilliant of technicians to the doorsteps was the main

Database Management System - DBMS

A database management system is a computer based system to manage a database, or a collection databases or files. The essential word here is manage management implies

Debt Management

The Debt Management Plan by Money Management International and Consumer Credit Counseling Service is a confidential program individually designed to provide you

Document Management

Information stored in files on papers or on a PC is called Document. Document Management is the process of managing documents and other means of information

Facility Management

Facility management is an influential facility information management system. It provides the capability to manage all of your facility

Facilitating Job Enrichment

Job Enrichment should be distinguished from enlargement job enlargement attempts to make a job more varied by removing the dullness associated with performing repetitive operations

Information Management

Information management is a general terms that refers to managing any kind of information. This information that is managed varies according to the industry

What is Inventory Management

The most important objective or inventory control is to determine and maintain an optimum level of investment in the inventory. Most companies have now successfully installed

Marketing Management Article

Marketing management is a subject of growing interest in all sizes and types of organizations with in and outside sectors in all kind of countries

True Benefit of Human Resources Outsourcing

When Multi-national companies decided to outsource its Human Resources Operations, they had only one major goal in mind and that is cutting costs

Organizational Behavior and Modification

The complexity and high degree of interaction of the parts of an organization, whether these parts be functions groups or individuals

Medical Management Software

The main process of medical management is to take care of employee’s health. Prior Authorization’s work is to maintain the health plan approval for a service or product

Network Management

If you want to know the network management basics it is better to know something on network management architectures and the protocols used in the network management

Information Management Lifecycle

The third stage of the information system development life cycle begins with conversion to the new application system. The rest of the system development life cycle refers

Advantages of Information Management

When information systems are designed to provide information needed for effective decision making by managers, they are called management information systems

All About Data Back Up

While every person is expected to know much about data back up there are a few specific things about them which are more important than others

Information Overolad

We live in the information age. No matter whom you are or where you live, you are now as close as a computer and a telephone line to a virtual sea of numbers

Information Management in CRM

The CRM strategy has numerous aspects, but the basic theme is for the company to become more customer-centric. It does not necessarily create a new revenue stream

Performance Management

The Performance Management and Information section provides advice and support on a range of facilities management issues and coordinates performance management....Performance management is a set of functions that evaluate and report the behavior of

Conduct Training for the Employees in an Organization

Training of workers in an enterprise is essential in laying a strong foundation for the development of the enterprise, which cannot be built without the help of technically skilled workers

Portfolio Management

Project portfolio management organizes a series of projects into a single portfolio consisting of reports. Single portfolio reports capture project objectives, costs, timeline

Understanding Data Storage Management

While it is not difficult to store computer data not taking a lot of space, data storage management is a real challenge beyond its storage

Project Management

Project management knowledge and practices are best described in terms of their component processes

Introduction to Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management or Agile Management is a variation of Iterative and Incremental development where deliverables in a project are submitted in stages. The main differentiation between Agile

Testing Applicant qualities and skill through Interview

Interview is one of the major aspects of hiring a technically qualified person for a particular job in the business enterprise. Interview is a selection tool of major importance for nearly all jobs

E-City Stock & Warehouse Management Services

eCity Stock serves as the hub of Slingshot’s integrated supply chain management solution providing global supply chain visibility, inventory valuation, tracking and transaction control

Property Management Software

Property Management Fact supervises the management of income-producing commercial and residential properties. Property management is more than simple accounting

Quality Management

Quality management of all activities through a systematic and determined focus on continual improvement, above least amount levels of performance set

Risk Management

Risk Management is related to all the fields and is not confined to one particular field. People in different fields like statistics, economics, engineering, systems analysis

Sales Management

Sales management deals directly and personally with the market. Through their proficiency and experience marketing can be made concrete and humanly important

Security Management

Security management is an important part in any company in the IT industry. Even apart from the IT industry any company that uses many systems, devices, and computers

Technology Management

There are many new products and technologies coming up daily. Using the right technology for a particular task is the best way to do the task efficiently

Personnel Management and Planning

Management plays a key role in the development of the Business enterprise. It means getting any work done by other people

Some of the document management companies to watch out

Document management in a large organization is a very complex task as the document grows in volume and size. Without proper software to handle such growth in the volume of the document

How to go about digital document management in an organization

Does your organization needs to store documents in digital form like MS Word, Spreadsheet, PDF, JPEGs, DWG, etc? Then, your company is one that needs to know about digital document management

Debt Help

Credit cards are offered easily and people use them indiscriminately involving themselves in heavy debts. Later they find that they are in debt

Time Management

The first step in successfully managing time is to develop a clear statement of your long-range goals. This statement of goals will allow you to set shorter range goals

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management Systems are gaining importance similar to that of other software solutions. A typical warehouse management system would include controlling

Cash Management

Currency management focuses on seeking to obtain returns by managing the risk of changes to foreign exchange (FX) rates

Understanding Security Management Best Practices in Cyber Security

In order to ensure that your organization's data is secure, you need to put into place best practices for security management. In this article, we'll cover some of the most important cyber security best practices that you should

Advantages of B2B

B2B is the short form that is used for Business to Business. Most of the electronic commerce today is of this type. It includes

Use of document management software reviews in selecting a DMS

The decision to buy document management software for your organization is not that easy. You are certainly bound to get confused on which software to recommend for your organization

Knowing Data Storage

One of the most important things to know about data storage is to have some kind of data storage abilities in your computer system to run properly

Understanding Grievance Procedure

If an organization has to move towards excellence, maintenance of harmonious and cordial relationship is a vital condition. Similar to organization’ expectations from the employees

House Organizational Structure in Asset Management

Internal audit is one of the internal control procedures that are to be followed by the various departments and employees of the organization

Document management requirements of any organization

To meet the document management requirements of any organization, a document management product or system should have some basic modules in it

Home-based Debt Management

The present economic crisis is causing a lot of difficulties for people. The stock marked has crashed down and most of the stock listings have gone down miserably resulting in drastic increase of basic amenities

Workable Debt Solutions

The $8000 credit card debt of an average American increases further with the addition of mortgages, personal loans, home equity loans and student

The Project Office as an Aide to Project Management

The Project Office or Project Management Office in a professional venture or business is the department that sets and ensures maintenance of standards in the process of project management

How to Get a Credit Repair Loan

Fixing up a bad credit needs time and money. Many people fall under this group who need some type of loan to repair their credit. One should know how to get a loan to fix up his bad credit

How Does Credit Repair Cloud Work?

For many people, credit repair cloud is a mystery. How does it work? What does it do? In this article we will explore the ins and outs of credit repair cloud and how it can help you improve your credit scoreMany people fall under this group who need some type of loan to repair their credit. One should know how to get a loan to fix up his bad credit

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