Understanding Sales Management Concepts

Dealings in any sales management will always be personal and direct with the market. Marketing can be made very passionate and concrete with the available experience and expertise and the lesser exploited field of winning over the customers can be achieved. The main responsibility of the Sales managers is to meet and interact with a variety of customers including their own employees so as to understand the real needs of customers and devise qualitative and effective plans to meet the requirements of the customers in real sense.

When it comes to various positions in sales management, it is possible to get them in various companies and organizations including service oriented institutions such as insurance, consulting agencies, banking and financial services, and even government institutions.


In case of financial services and commercial banking, any position that deals in sales management, commercial and industrial sales will prove to be very challenging and at the same very rewarding experience, as there are very wide opportunities such as technical training, broad management practices and system selling.


Due to the varied market requirements and market opportunities, the engaged sales personnel will be in need of newer and sophisticated techniques and that too at constant intervals to match the market trends. The sales force will be required to be imparted with the latest interpersonal training techniques by duly taking into account their interests, background, academic training, technical skills, and enthusiasm in accepting newer roles or responsibilities.


In any kind of sales and sales management training programs situation will be different and one cannot have a standard set for time, format, length, etc. When it comes to the career path in sales, different company will have different career paths and it is better to look into each and every system of the company individually.


Sales management by itself is a very broad portfolio and it includes all levels and positions such as new business selling, technical selling, trade sales, and missionary sales. In new business selling the personnel responsible for sales will not be assigned with any specific location or area and there are also no designated account.


The sales force formed for the technical selling will have areas or specific geographical locations assigned for them and specific accounts will also be designated. In Trade sales the sales representatives are responsible for selling the manufactured goods to the wholesale dealers as well as retail traders to fulfill the manufacturer’s target or the company’s target.


Missionary Sales people represents the manufacturing companies and their responsibilities include contacting retail sellers and decision makers of other companies and making them to understand about the product and convince them in buying. The job of any missionary sales representative will be in the form of training or preparing personnel to take on actual sales work later on and there is no need for the representative to sell or close the deal.


Persons holding sales management positions are required to show a very strong and favourable performance and track record within a year or two, and such a target oriented approach will see them climbing the corporate ladder fast. It is a fact and as realized by many persons engaged in sales line that sales management is the most wonderful and challenging option for climbing up in the ladder of success and at the same time very rewarding one.


The team that is engaged in sales management will have the direct opportunity to deal with the market and the personnel can make use of their expertise and experiences to deal with the human factor for clinching the deal in their favor, as other marketers hardly or rarely meet or interact with customers for winning over.


The opportunities such as direct interaction with a variety of customers including their own colleagues can make the sales management people very confident and give them a sense of achievement and they can do a very quality work by understanding the feel of the market and make use of the information for increasing the sales.


There are various employment opportunities and many sales management positions can be clinched or grasped from various companies and when it comes to companies there are categories such as profit oriented companies, non-profit organization, and service oriented industries such as insurance, financial and banking services, consulting, and even government agencies.


The training that is being imparted to the sales management people will be very expanse in nature and as such people are bound to know all details about the product they sell so as to have and maintain a competitive edge over others in the market. Any detailed knowledge about the product that they sell can certainly assist sales people in clarifying the doubts and explaining things to the prospective buyers and there by show an increase in sales.


At the first instance, the personnel who sell the products should believe in the products they sell and without this understanding it will be a difficult task for them to sell. Few of other important factors that directly impact the sales figures are the motivation levels, initiatives shown by the sales team and effective supervision by the managerial group of the organization. Further a good analytical mind possessed by the sales people can help in understanding the market situations correctly in its real perspective and take corrective actions or use alternate decisions to boost sales.


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