Components of clinical data management systems

Clinical data management is an important area where you need a good management system in place to drive the clinical projects to the finish at the earliest. If you have a legacy system in place then you need that to co-exist with the new clinical data system. Such a system has to be deployed on time and within your budget. A clinical data management system helps you to effectively handle the clinical data in your organization.

Some of the functions of a clinical data management system are to manage protocols, manage research data from different sources, and manage patient data. We can think of three components for a clinical data management system. One would be the protocol management component which helps in protocol submission, approval, monitoring and reviewing. The other component would be the clinical study informatics system which gives the patient data using the protocol module so that you can recruit patients, screen, enroll, and collect data and monitor and report.


The third component would be the data integration module that helps you in archiving the data in the data warehouse. Data warehousing is done from the data from different sources including external scientific databases. The data integration module has the necessary tools to analyze the data that is already available and that comes in from different external sources.


With such components and other tools in the clinical data management system you can easily manage the clinical data in your organization. You can find many clinical data management system products which might suit your requirement. Check out the features of such systems and you can use one for your organization. It is better to go for a system that is web enabled and platform-independent with the backend database being a relational database. This helps you in the long run. There are many benefits of going for a web based system.

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