Some key features in data base management system

A data base management system is a software program that controls the storage of data in the database. They are prewritten programs that help you to store data, retrieve it and do whatever you want with that data. The data is stored in a structured manner in the database so that the relationships between data are maintained. Any application can connect to the database and get data they want based on the queries sent to the database. There are certain features that a customer would expect out of the database to make it more productive to them.

The querying ability of the database is the most important feature that a customer would expect in a database. Without this the database would be of no use. The main use of the database is to retrieve information and present it to the user. For this the querying ability of the database should be effective. Querying could be done and it depends on the privileges of the user querying. Not all the user can query all the data in the database.


Taking a backup of the database is very important in database administration. Without this it would be impossible to restore the crashed database. Periodic backups are to be taken automatically in another server in remote so that the data can be restored if the primary server fails for any reason. The ability of the database to backup and the need for the necessary tools for taking backup is important in a database. Another aspect is replication. With data is replicated to another server, the control is transferred to the secondary server when the primary fails. During replication, the user cannot tell which server they are using. The ability to replicate is also needed in a database.


Some of the other features that we can expect are the ability to enforce rules on the data, data security, in-built functions for computing, logging of change done to the data and access to database, and the ability to optimize itself based on user query pattern to improve efficiency.

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