The importance of policies in data management systems

Data and documents whether it is electronic or written in paper should have proper policies attached to it for access and modification. Without this there is no guarantee that the data is reliable. Most of the private companies now feel that they should have a policy for access of highly structured data. They can adopt a written data management policy in a document.

Companies, whether private, non-profit, or public, should maintain the records pertaining to their business and their personnel that are relevant to their operations. For example if the company is in the Healthcare industry, they have to maintain the medical records related to the patients properly. Unauthorized disclosure of a patient’s medical records is a security breach.


However some data might be disclosed to the federal government and in that it should be intimated to the customer about the possibility of disclosure. Certain laws in the state need the companies to give information about the privacy policies on their websites with regards to the personal information of the customers. They should also include information about the security procedures that are in place to protect such data.


It is also necessary the companies also maintain the written records of the employees in case the employee claims it. Documenting improper behaviors is also necessary. It is important to be sensitive to the email and instant messaging data as they are crucial in court cases now-a-days. Companies should have a clear cut policy, which should also be known to the employee, that the email message and instant messages are properties of the company. Maintaining the copies of such messages in the server is important in case of any litigation in the future.


Data recovery plans and electronic imaging of the written documents should be part of the policies for a data management system. It is necessary that there are necessary infrastructure and staff involvement are there for implementing the data management systems and its procedures.

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