Advantages of product data management

Information related to a product is stored in a database and the process of managing this product related data is called product data management. There are many tools available for maintaining such information. Usually product data such as materials used in the product, the quantity of such materials used, the cost of the material and the vendor who supplied that material are all stored in the product database.

One of the main advantages of product data management is that you can retrieve any data related to the product at any time with ease. Such fast retrieval of product related information helps the management and the product engineers in many ways. Suppose they want to reduce the cost of a product, they can simply make the necessary changes in the database and see how it affects the cost of the product as a whole. Such software that helps the engineers to make products that is profitable to the company.


Tracking the specifications of the product is done easily by the product data management software. To create another product with a slight modification to the existing one is very easy since all the data are available in the database. The product data management process has to be initiated in the company and implemented as early as possible. This is more helpful in the manufacturing environment. The staff should be trained to use the software consistently so that the entire product related information is keyed in to the database regularly.


Product managers, sales personnel, product engineers, quality assurance team are all those who are benefiting directly by the use of the product data management process. Easy access of the drawings related to a product can also be got through the system and updated whenever needed. Meta data like, product release date, version of the product, owner of the drawings, at what time the information was accessed and by who are also stored in the database.

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