How To Calculate The Right Amount to Invest

People who are a novice in this investment field believe that they should invest their entire savings. But this is not correct. One should have a specific financial target and should also see how much funds he really has to invest. By this he will get an idea of how much money from his savings he can invest.

To start with chalk out a clear plan of how much of funds can be invested. Does he really enough savings to invest? If so go ahead but if he his going to make his miserable by these investments or savings then he should not. Once again one should also determine what exactly he had saved for, to invest, to buy a house or what else.


Savings should consist of minimum of three to six months of his living expenses in a savings bank account. This money should not be invest instead should maintained in the account for an emergency.

Thus when you decide to invest first determine the amount to be maintained in your savings bank account and amount you need to put in investments. You can invest right away if you have other sources of finances like some legacy or family property received by you recently.


Your plan should include how much additional funds you can put in investments apart from the present one. You can set aside a part of your income if you are in service. A qualifies professional will be of great help in deciding and planning the amount of funds you can invest in future.


This professional help will guide you in investing keeping in mind your investment goals and also seeing to it that you do not invest too much or too less.

Every investment requires a certain amount to be invested as capital. When you have attained the requisite knowledge and the necessary awareness your investment will always be good which will help you in knowing the amount to be invested.


A last word of caution -Never borrow money to put in investments. Next never invest with the money set aside for emergency. If the money you have does not meet the requirement of one particular investment do not be disheartened. Try for other types investments.


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