When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Stocks?

The investors who are new in the stock market often find it difficult to know when to sell their stocks and shares. If you have taken a wise decision while selecting your stocks and shares then you need not worry about their selling them till you retire. But there can be time of need when you may have to sell your stocks before the stipulated time.

The brokers in this field may advice you to sell your stock and shares when the value or the prices fall. But this may not be the correct way to sell your shares. The economy of the country and the stock market are interdependent on each other so they keep fluctuating. This is the reason why you may find it difficult to sell you stocks at the right time. Value of stocks that fall has the tendency to pick up in a short while according to the economy.

Keep yourself updated on the changes that take place in the stock market in relation to the company shares you have invested. There are many reasons that affect the stock market. When a new CEO takes charge in the company ort when there is a fall in the industry are a few examples which can affect the stock value and the market.


But there are only three main reasons to sell the stock you have invested. The first and foremost reason to sell your stocks is that you are retired and reached your financial target and wish to reinvest your money into safer investments like the savings account where you get regular interest as income and there is no risk attached to it. This is so when the person has invested in stock for his retirement benefits.


The next reason to sell your stocks is when there is a drastic change in the business and also when the value of the stock falls indefinitely with no chances of it to rise again. It would be the best time to sell your stocks before the value falls further.


The last reason for you to sell your stocks is when there is boom in the market and the value of your stocks rises up. For instance when the value of your stock which was bought for 100 dollars rises to 200 dollars due to some reason then it is wise to sell the stocks right away as there are chances of the stocks value to fall back to 100 dollars.


It is always better to consult an expert or financial advisor before you buy or sell shares as you are a novice in the subject when you just start in this type of investments. They will give you the right advice to attain your financial targets through correct investments.


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