Long Term Investments - Good Return With No Risk

Once you have decided to make a long term investment like the one for retirement or for the future education of your children there are many choices available in investment. The investment you decide should be such that it gives you a good return in the long run with no risks. You should not invest your money in stocks and shares which have a high rate of risk.

Bonds are good options which are available in different types from which you can make your choice. Bonds and certificates of deposits are alike except that certificate of deposit is issued by the banks whereas these bonds are issued by government. There are also bonds available that doubles the money invested in a stipulated time.


Another safe investment is mutual funds. When a group of people invest their money to buy stocks, bonds and other types of investments it is called mutual fund. How the money should be invested is decided by the funds manager. An expert and qualified broker will be of help in dealing with the investor’s money along with the client’s money in mutual funds. This mutual fund has more risk than the bonds issued by the government.


The next type of long term investments is stocks. You will be investing the stocks that are the shares of ownership of a company. When the company does well the value of shares rises and when the company crashes financially the value drops. This is the reason why stocks have more risks than the mutual funds. Although it is riskier one can always invest in stocks of financially sound companies like G and E and feel safe.


Finally it is in our hands as we have to do the necessary search and learn about the process and its benefits before investing the money. It is better to buy stocks and shares of financially sound and well known companies. Always choose a broker who has a good recognition while investing in mutual funds. If you want to be a conservative investor you can always choose the bonds issued by the government instead of the stocks and the mutual funds.

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