About warehouse inventory management software

Now-a-days inventory management is made easy even in the warehouses using the warehouse inventory management software. Warehouses receive lots of goods from time to time and are dispatched to the different dealers and sometimes customers directly. Keeping track of these order information and dispatch of the goods is not an easy task that can be manually. Without the right software in place it is a tedious task.

The maintenance of customer information is necessary in the warehouse inventory management software. Without customer information you may not know where to dispatch the goods. The screen for customer information can be accessed form the order entry screen. A separate screen for order entry is available. This will display all the orders that are in place for that particular warehouse. Orders will be against any warehouse. When your customer service representatives enquire about the status of a particular order, it is easy to track the order in real time and report the status of it to the customer service representative.


With the technologies like Wi-Fi employees can keep track of the movement of the inventories using mobile devices. That software should be capable of using in a mobile device. The software will enable you to add any number of warehouses for a particular domain. For third party service providers, there is a feature to add a domain within a warehouse in the warehouse inventory management software. You can print labels for multiple locations of the warehouse. The path of the movement of the inventory can be fixed and labels printed for a particular inventory from the software.


The inventory levels can be easily viewed in a screen. This enables you to find out the stock available in the warehouse for a particular inventory. Inventory can be viewed based on locations and even license plate numbers. This software will have the capability to even print the barcodes so that you can print the barcodes yourself if your supplier fails to do so. This warehouse inventory management software also enables you to allot Lot or Serial numbers to the products as they are received. First In First Out (FIFO) dates are assigned by the software to the products as they reach the warehouse. Lot expiration can also be set using the software so that you are not shipping any product that has expired.

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