Inventory Management Softwares - Free Or Commercial?

Inventory management software is important for organizations that deal with goods. Maintaining information about goods received and issued on paper ledgers is a tedious task. It is not possible to keep track of such information effectively. It might lead to raw materials that are not used for a long time and left unattended to. If you have software to keep track of the inventory available in the organization, it would help you to have sufficient stock in line with the demands in the market, instead of overstocking a particular inventory.

Finding the inventory management software is the key to profitability in any business. If you are new to implementing any software in your organization then you can try the free versions available. It is easy to install them and start using them. But the downside is that you should some personnel who is good in computers to use such software. Moreover they should have sufficient knowledge of the inventory tracking.


Most of the free versions do not come with support. So you have to get support from other users. You can use the forums associated with a particular product to get support from other users. Sometimes it is possible to get support from the vendor itself for a nominal fee. Getting support is difficult in free inventory management softwares.


On the other hand if you go for a commercial version of the inventory management software, you get real support from the vendors who made that software. If there is any problem in installation or while working with that software you can always contact the support team by phone or through online chat and get support for the problems you face. It is possible to get a support personnel to visit your office and solve the problem. A simple search on the net gives a lot of free and commercial inventory management softwares.

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