Document management products available in market today

Many document management products are available in the market. It is a task to identify the right kind of document management system for your requirement based on the features and the budget available. If there is any restriction in the budget, then any organization can try the open source document management system available. But you need to have some technical staff in hand always to sort out any of the issues that arise out of this free software. That is not the case in the commercial software. Support is always available on call.

Open source document management systems like OpenDocMan, Xinco DMS, Alfresco, and Epiware can be used for document management. Software like OpenDocMan has automated installation and upgrade. This is more useful for the lay users who are not that much good in installations and upgrades. One of the most tedious tasks in any open source software is the installation and configuration.


This is made easy in OpenDocMan. With the web based feature you have access to the documents from anywhere in the world. Almost all the file types used in any business is supported by this system. This allows you to concentrate on your business instead of worrying about the document management.


Xinco DMS is open source document management system that uses client server architecture for document management. The client software called the XincoExplorer helps you to access the server repository from anywhere. All you need to run this software is the Java Runtime Environment.


Definite alternatives to the commercially available document management systems, like Alfresco and Epiware are also open source systems. It is worth to try this software before you decide upon any commercial software. KnowledgeTree Document Management System free edition is also available for free. This software also has the mandatory features of any document management system and you can try this one too. The documents stored are secure and it is very easy to use this system. Paid version of this software is also available.

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