Companies to look for asset management in Singapore

Asset management is an important task that you cannot ignore if you want to get some optimal returns out of your assets. Asset management is an umbrella term that covers different kinds of assets and its management. A proper asset management should be in place in your company for managing assets. If not, you can outsource this work to companies who do this job professionally for you.

If you are located in Singapore or look for some company to manage your assets in Singapore then there are many asset management companies in Singapore who can do this job for you. A simple on the internet using a good search engine would give a lot of companies on this line.


Some of the notable companies that do asset management in Singapore are:

a. Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Limited
b. APS Asset Management Pte Ltd
c. AIG Global Investment Corporation (Singapore) Ltd
d. Acadian Asset Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd
e. Barclays Global Investors Southeast Asia Limited
f. Chartered Asset Management Pte Ltd
g. DBS Asset Management Ltd
h. HSBC Investments (Singapore) Limited
i. Rothschild Asset Management (Singapore)
j. UOB Asset Management


Most of these companies have international exposure on asset management and you can very well confidently outsource your work to them. Their expertise in the chosen field and operation globally are the credentials of these companies. They have many years of experience in asset management. Moreover they employ professionals who are certified in asset management. Hence you can expect professional quality work from them. Consistent returns by managing assets have been proven by these companies. The above list is only partial. You can check web pages like which lists many such companies in Singapore. You can check the websites of these companies to get more details about their operations in Singapore and to get the contact details.


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