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Information management is about managing information efficiently. This information comes from various sources and it has to be processed accordingly so that the end user gets benefited properly. Identifying the information, evaluating it, storing it and then passing it on to the concerned personnel can be done only by people who have knowledge on information management. To gain this knowledge on information management you can take up any course that is offered on this topic.

In any information management course there would be core modules and then elective modules that are chosen by the students. Some restriction may apply in choosing the elective modules. A student might be asked to take some subjects on a group and another in some other group to complete the information management course.


The core modules that are expected to be present in any information management course might include a module on databases, IT and architectures, information and knowledge management, modules on communication skills, and system specifications.


Some of the electives that are present in the information management course are geovisualization, different domains in information management, information retrieval, open source systems, project management, law and policy on information management, and business engineering.


The module on databases would cover the issues related to the database systems and the object oriented database systems. Apart from this you will be learning about the structure of the database systems, and how information is stored in the different database models available. You will be creating queries using SQL to query the database and get the results as needed.


The latest developments in the database and how it plays an important role in the applications would also be studied. To complete the tasks on information management you need to study the different technologies available and the standards associated with it. These are covered in the modules like technologies and architectures.

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