Using Information Technology For Effective Human Resource Management

In this digital age, it is no wonder that information technology is used in all aspects of our lives and business. It is has penetrated all the functions performed in any business and it is so in human resource management too. Without IT, human resource management would be a tedious task now-a-days.


Moreover certain functions of human resource management such as recruitment have gone online. Web-based functionality is a necessity now-a-days to expedite the process.

Consider the case of recruiting some personnel in a department in your organization. The department has to inform the HR department about their recruitment needs. After approval of the need by the top management, the HR department would place an advertisement calling applications for the post. Scrutinizing all the applications is a tedious task. If all the applications are sent through snail post, it is not easy to sort them out.


Thanks to IT, now all the applications are sent either through email or applied through forms in the company’s website. The information of candidates applying through the company’s website is easy to filter as the data is directly fed to the database. A simple query with the selection criteria would throw you all the eligible candidates for your needs. It is possible to filter the candidate even while they are applying so that only eligible candidate is through to your database!


If a human resource management system is implemented in your organization then all the functions of human resource management can be performed efficiently. For effective human resource management such a HRMS is definitely needed. At the click of a button you can get any information about an employee, his history, training undergone, skills, experience, compensation and what not. A full fledged human resource management system would also help the top management to take some informed decisions at the right time. Hence using information technology for effective human resource management is a must for all the organizations.

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