Working with technology change management system

The purpose of any change management system is to manage the people and the communication associated with the change requested in the business process or project. This holds good for any type of change requested inclusive of technology change. It is not an easy task to change the technology for any process or project. The factors that are affected by the change in the technology have to be studied thoroughly before a decision to change it is taken.

Any change in technology needs a change in the skilled personnel in that technology. The organization has to hire personnel in the technology that the change is going to happen. Apart from that a change in the hardware and the software might also be needed that corresponds to the technology change that is taking place. Technology change might happen across the whole organization or with respect to a particular department.


The impact of the change in technology is studied and opinions of the concerned departments are also sought. Any change in the views expressed are also documented and circulated among the other departments. The final change request document is reviewed and approval of the top management is got for implementation. Once the approval for implementation is got, the change is implemented.


A technology change management system helps you to send communications to all the departments concerned and have proper documentation of the change request. Any further change request and their dependency to the earlier request are maintained in a technology change management system.


Without a technology change management system it is not easy to record the requested changes and to keep track of the progress of the changes implemented. The impact of the technology change can also be tracked easily with the technology change management system in place.

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