Looking for a good change management training program?

Implementing the change management in your organization or business process is not an easy task. Just theory and some books on change management will not do for implementing a process on change management. A change management training program will be enough to put on the right track on change management.

A simple search on the internet using a good search engine will throw you a lot of links on change management training. Many institutes have courses on change management. You can seek these change management training to get acquainted of change management.


Change management training centers like Prosci offer training that meet the global standards. Many fortune 500 companies are enrolled in their change management training programs. Companies from all over the globe are getting trained on change management.


Prosci’s results of their research on change management are used in their training programs. Their research were done on over 900 companies all over the world. Change management certification programs cost around $2000 per person from such reputed change management training centers. Different venues have different programs and so it is better to consult them before you enroll for a particular change management training program near your location.


Opinions of the person trained in a particular change management training center can be found in the testimonials section in the websites. You can have a look on these before enrolling for a course on change management.

Some websites offer videos on change management training. If you are far away and could not attend change management training in any of the centers, you can seek these options of getting trained through DVDs.


Self-paced change management training kits are also available with some institutes. You can opt for this if you cannot full day on training. However such self-paced training will not lead to certification on change management.


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