The importance of information management policy

In this digital era, information is stored in the computers and it is necessary that this information is stored for a particular period so that it can be accessed by the authorized personnel. But there is a time limit during which it is accessible, after that that information is mined in a server so that it is not frequently accessed except in case of an analysis.

You need rules which govern who can create the information needed, and who can check the validity of the information and where to store it. Such rules are necessary without which there will duplication and even wrong data keyed into the system. There comes the information management policy.


The information policy defines who the personnel are and which department they can key in the information in your system, who can access it and store it in the database and who can view it. In an organization there are many information assets that are to have policies related to it. Not all records are stored for long. After a certain period they are disposed.


Some records are to be displayed and printed in certain formats only. Such details are to be framed as policies for certain records. The policies are not only for the records alone, but for how information is being sent across through emails and how information is accessed from home computers. These also need policies. The policies should cover all these details and give information to the staff on the usage of company information.


Only through an information management policy you can ensure that all the information related to your business are safe. There are some companies who run their business without these policies but again they are going to face a situation when everything will be out of control and critical. Hence it is better to follow an information policy pertaining to your business information. This would help you to have all the information intact in the long run.

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