What is information management?

Information management, as the term says, is about managing information the right way so that the information got is right and it reaches the right person in the right format and at the right time. This must be ensured in information management.


Information is got from various sources from within the organization and also from external sources. This information is processed to ensure that it is correct and then it is uploaded in the database so that it reaches the right people through the information management systems in the organization.

To manage information, information managers are there in the organization. Their role is to ensure that the information reaches the right person properly. The information manager must have multiple skills and should be well versed with the processes in the organization and also about the organization’s behavior. Information is got from various sources and hence you need a system in your organization to handle this information properly. That is where the management information systems and technology comes.


The information available is processed by the management information system and disseminated to the right person in the right format. Usually the managers use the management information system to submit queries which return the result in the way they want.


Information technology is used to increase the return on investment of the business and meet the goals set. Without information technology it would be a tedious task to management information.

There are many types of information management systems dedicated for each and every domain. For example a finance information management system is available to handle all the finance queries so that the management can take easy decisions on the fund management and how they are going to spread the funds for various projects.


This system might analyze the current financial heat map across various projects and give the management an idea of where to invest. Similarly there are other information management systems for manufacturing, human resource, and marketing. Most of the domains have their own information management systems to handle the information that flows in.

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