What is human resource management?

People working in an organization are the important and the foremost asset of any business. Without them the business or the organization would not exist. It is relevant to have a smooth approach to these people so that they give their maximum output to the organization to excel. Human resource management is an approach to these people in a planned manner so that they contribute to the organization to the fullest.

Human resource management involves employing people in the organization, developing their skills to meet the business requirement, compensating them according to the job they do and maintaining them in the organization. Theoretically speaking employees of any organization are treated as individuals with their own goals in life.


It is assumed that they give their output to the fullest unless they are having insufficient knowledge about the work they do, or insufficient training imparted to them. These could be the reasons for the failure of the process. It is not to blame the individual as a whole.


If human resource management is practiced well, the techniques would force the managers to set goals that are in line with the organization’s goal and make the workforce accept this goal and work according to it. In a restricted sense human resource management involves recruiting people for the different departments in the organization and to create a payroll for them and to meet their needs in the organization so that they give their maximum output to the organization.


There are many functions involved in human resource management which can be grouped under any of the following. They are Administration, Employee Champion, Change management, and strategic business partner. It is important for the human resource department to go beyond performing the functions of administration and employee champion.


The top management see how they contribute to the overall business and add value to them apart from mere recruiting and other administration work. Models are developed so that the human resource department proves that they are contributing to the overall success of the business.

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