What is facility management?

Haven’t you heard of the term facility management? If your question is “What is facility management?”, then you can get a wide variety of answer to this. The easy way to find it out is to do a simple search on the internet using a good search engine or hit the wikipedia.org website straight away.

To be simple, we can say that facility management is managing the properties in your possession and its maintenance. Yes, we can split this management into two types. One is the hard services and the other being the soft services. Hard service in facility management relates to management of the building, machinery, etc and the soft services include management of people who maintain these assets and activities relating to maintenance.

The term facility management is used in a context when you are going to manage a lot of facilities in an organization. We don’t say managing the household activities of a single house as facility management although it is true in the context.


Large organizations have many properties and machinery to be managed and it is very complex to keep track of everything. In such cases they use facility management software that eases their task of managing the facilities. Most of the organizations prefer to outsource this work to other firms that do this as their core business. It is wise to outsource facility management to the experts and you keep focusing on your core business. Managing facilities is a different ball game and you need not waste time on that instead of focusing on your business.


If you have very limited properties then you can do that yourself with the help of facility management software. The facility management software has all the features needed to management facilities. Taking instant reports on the facilities available is a breeze with this software. Keeping track of the vacancies and allotting them to the requested members is fast with such software.

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