What is document management?

It is extremely important for the organizations to store and maintain the records of each and every document that are created in the organization from the very first day of the company. Irrespective of the scale of the organization, storing, retrieving, easy accessing, securing, distributing of datas are the major concern of the any organization. These requirements of the organizations are completely fulfilled by Document Management system. While choosing a Document Management system, the organizations must consider the following important aspects of the Document Management.

Storage of documents:
Storing documents is very much necessary for every organization for future reference. They play an important role in the growth of the organizations. Millions of documents are created in an organization every year. These documents are created in different branches of the organization which can be situated in different parts of the world. This crucial task of storing documents is the main aspect of Document Management. In most of the large organizations, they digitize the documents and store until they need.


Retrieval of documents:
Retrieving documents is a big deal for the organization’s workers. Since it is extremely difficult to search and access a particular document from a huge amount of stored documents. So retrieving documents needs a system of storing and accessing documents in a regular manner.


Securing documents:
Security of stored documents is also a major concern of any organization. Most important details of the organization like company transactions, salary details, company dealings etc are usually stored in the form of documents. So it is obviously necessary for any organization to take respective security precautions steps. Securing documents in turn prevents the huge loss which may occur by the usage of unauthorized persons. In Document Management, documents must be encrypted, password protected and it should be accessible only through intranet.


Easy accessing:
Quick accessing of documents saves plenty of time which can be utilized in some other projects. It also saves millions of dollar.


Distribution of documents:
Documents created by a person in an organization, have to move to many persons within the organization for various reasons. For instance, project leader has to check the work done by his team workers. Distribution of documents is made possible by storing documents in a server system.


These are the main aspects of Document Management which provide an easy workflow of information in any organization.

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