What is business process management

A business process consists of a series of tasks that are to be done in order to complete a process. These tasks could be mundane tasks or something that is unique every time. Most of the time the tasks are repetitive. If there is a business process in place then every time you face a familiar situation, you know what to do in that situation. Without a business process in place you can not decide what to do in such a situation.

To manage the business process you should know the business that you do thoroughly. With proper business process management in place you save a lot of time in completing a process. You have to train people to follow the process so that the activities are done quickly. So you should know that the sole purpose of business process management is to save time.


Certain activities in the process will trigger other activities. This should be known to you when you implement a business process management. Measuring the results of a task and the parameters that are to be measured should be known.


Then only documenting the processes is easy. In certain cases there would be multiple processes running in parallel. You have to always make sure that there is some room for improvement in the process. For this your process has to be flexible and not rigid.


A business process can be automated if you know the repetitive tasks that are done in the process. Business process management through software is done by many companies. You can also find out business process management software for your industry and see whether the features in the software map to your business process. If it maps then you can adopt that software in your business process.

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