Definition of data management

A simple search on the internet for the term ‘data management’ would reveal you a lot of websites that are about data management and you can easily the definition of data management from these sources. An often displayed definition of data management is from the Data Management Body of Knowledge which defines this term as “Data management is the development, execution and supervision of plans, policies, programs and practices that control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of data and information assets.”

It is clear from the definition of data management, it relates to the development of plans, for delivering and controlling data in any organizations. Not only development, it also relates to execution of that plan in accordance to the policies set forth. Controlling, protecting and delivering data along with enhancement of the data is covered in this definition.


Apart from the points mentioned in the definition of data management, if we drill down to the core of data management, we will know that there are different topics that are covered in data management. Right from architecture, analysis and design to data mining there are many topics to be covered under data management. Topics like maintenance, administration, data management system, data access, deletion, privacy, security, quality, quality assurance, integration, and business intelligence are included in data management.


When we say data management, physical storage of the data is also taken into consideration. Retrieving data on a disk or other storage device is also considered. Creating, storing, and retrieving data from and to the physical storage are done through software meant for database called the database management system. This software is also considered when we speak of data management. Apart from these the standards adopted for storing data are also taken into account.

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