Using the right data management techniques to increase efficiency

It is not easy to pinpoint just one data management technique that is going to make your efficiency sky rocketing. Consistent improvement over the existing processes and apply the knowledge gained by experience that is related to the business will give you the productivity you need.

You need to use the latest version of the software you are using in your company and the necessary updates made to the existing applications. Most of the companies do not even take the time necessary to see what the latest version of the software is that is sold in the market and what new features are added to it. Organizations are always busy keying in lot of data into the system and just forget what is keyed in until the system slows down.


This should not be case. You have to allocate sufficient technical personnel to check the database for duplicate contents and remove it. Once this is done, that process has to be done periodically or incorporated in the application itself so that duplicate data are not going into the system. Removing the duplicate data from the system alone would improve the system performance drastically.


When we say duplicate data, we say redundant data. There is another way duplicate data gets into the system formally through the design of the database. For a layman point of view that data would be normal, buy only a technical person can find that duplicate data. This is due to the way the database is designed. Same data will be available in different tables thus slowing down the search queries, since many table are queried to get certain results. Such problems can also be tackled by experienced data base administrators.


Training the staff appropriately on using the system would also increase productivity. Most of the staff will not be familiar with the system when it is implemented. Organizations should take the pain of training the staff which is a valuable investment made on them.

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