Using The Query Management Facility of IBM DB2

The Query Management Facility is a tool for performing queries in the IBM DB2 system. With the use of this tool the business productivity is increased to a larger extent. Even in the most demanding environments you can use this query management facility tool.

Creating reports is a tedious task and not every user can create reports using the queries. But with the use of the Query Management Facility of IBM any lay user can create reports in any way they want. The skill level of the user is not important to create reports using the query management facility. This kind of usage of this tool certainly increases the productivity of the enterprise.


Another important aspect of using the query management facility tool is the generation of report in any format needed. You can create HTML, PDF or plain text reports using this tool. Generating reports in different formats allows the user to share the reports to different groups of people who will be accessing in different formats. Apart from that using the query management facility tool enables you to generate reports from multiple data sources and give a consolidated report in different formats and even images.


Using the visual data elements you can create queries by simply dragging and dropping the elements. This improves the OLAP queries. The latest version of the query management facility tool is version 9. This tool comes in two editions known as the Classic edition and the Enterprise Edition.


There are many PDF documents available online in the IBM’s website. You can use these PDF document to learn how to use the query management facility. Books like “Getting Started with DB2 QMF for Workstation and DB2 QMF for WebSphere”, “Installing and Managing DB2 QMF for TCO and CICS”, “Introducing DB2 QMF” and many other books are available.

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