Benefits of using software for change management

Using software for change management will ease the change management process that is otherwise done manually. Documenting the process and communicating to the other members is a tedious task that is usually done manually if software is not in place. By using software for change management, these manual tasks are automated and the process time is reduced.

With change management software you know what the next step in the process is, as the process is programmed in the software. The flow of the process is controlled with the software. Proper software for change management can calculate the risks associated with the change that is going to take place in the project or the process.


A risk module is integrated in the change management software. All the information pertaining to the changes are easily accessible to the members with the use of this software. Some of the changes might be dependent on other changes to be made and this relationship is easily maintained in the software for change management.


Sending emails to the respective members of the departments is usually done manually if software for change management is not there. With the software in place, the emails are sent automatically to the concerned members. All you have to do is to configure the software prior to using it so that it sends emails to the departments that affect the changes. The progress in the change process is also reported to the members automatically as the process progresses. Option to configure the mails sent as plain text or html is available in the change management software.


Software for change management is marketed by many vendors who are specialized in this domain. You can go for web based software instead of a desktop version. With web based software the users can work on it from any location in the world. Most of the software can be customized to the meet the users’ requirement without any programming. They can be used with any database like Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and Oracle. Different time zone compatibility is also a factor to be looked for.

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