Benefits of using network inventory management software

Organizations have a lot of computer systems networked. They have many software installed in each of the system. In a large organization, even in a medium sized organization, it is difficult to keep track of the different software installed in each of the system. If you attempt to do this manually it will be so time consuming and tedious. Hence you have to go for a network inventory management software.

Network inventory management software like Network Asset Tracker Pro and PC Inventory Advisor can be used for this purpose. A simple search on the internet for the term ‘network management software’ throws you a lot of similar products. Most of them come with a trial version. You can test the trial version and then go for the full version of the software.


This software scans all the nodes in the network and gets all the information required by you. All this is done at the click of a button. This type of software is more useful for asset managers. You get information about the operating system used, service packs installed, fixes done, the processes that run in the remote computer and details of the hardware too.


All this can be done without installing any software in the remote PC. For this WMI is used. This is an agent-less method. It is also possible to retrieve information by installing some software in the remote machine, which is called an agent-based method. This agent software collects all the information about the remote machine and passes it on to you.


Interactive reports can also be made available with this software. You can compare the existing report with a previous report and see what changes were made in the remote machine. This software is more useful for the asset managers who need to take a report on the network inventory. Large organizations can use this network inventory management software to take snapshots of the network at any time.


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