Understanding warehouse inventory management

Goods are received in the warehouses and are dispatched from the warehouses. It is necessary to keep track of these goods to report to the higher management. It is necessary to keep track of the movement of the goods so that the customers know where their goods lying. To facilitate such work, it is necessary to have inventory management software in place.

There are many benefits of using an warehouse inventory management software in a warehouse. This would enable you to key in the details of the goods that are received and dispatched as and when they are received and dispatched. All the customer information also has to be maintained in the warehouse. This is easily done by the software. From the order entry screen you can also view the customer information like customer history of orders and also give them discount if needed.


Customer service representatives enquire the warehouses to track the status of the orders. With the software in place in the warehouse it is easy to reply to them as you know the status of the orders clearly. Orders can be tracked in real time. With the advancement in technologies, now most of the companies are going for web based systems which allow the customers to directly track an order based on the order number. They can know the exact location where their goods are.


Wi-Fi technologies are used by the employees to keep track of the movement of the goods from warehouse to another until it reaches the customer. Mobile devices are used for many tasks now-a-days and it is no wonder that it is used for tracking inventory too.


Sometimes the suppliers might have missed printing the barcodes on the consignment that is dispatched to the warehouses. In such cases the employees in the warehouse can print the barcode themselves for the product. Lots and Serial numbers can also be allotted to the goods.


Lots might also have an expiry date after which they are not sent to the customers. The goods that reach the warehouse first are those that are dispatched first. For this they are allotted dates for dispatch dates as and when they arrive.

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