Understanding the change management process

Changes management process is a sequence of tasks that are done in order to implement a change in a project or process in a business. We can split this change management process into three steps for our convenience. Preparation, Management, and Reinforcing are the three stages in the change management process.

In the first stage called the preparation stage, the change that is necessary to be made in the project or process is documented and approval got for circulating among the various departments. This is done manually or using software that can send alerts to the concerned departments upon entering the change requested in the change management software.


The impending change is assessed by the departments that are affected the change and the extent of the impact in the process. A strategy is developed on how the change will be implemented without affecting the ongoing process in the organization. At the end of the preparation stage the change to be made is approved and implementation begins.


In the management stage the detailed planning that is made is implemented with the necessary team members. This might take some time and the change that is made is approved by the quality audit team so that the change can go live.


In the reinforcing stage the change management process would have taken place and the necessary changes made to the project or process would be in action. In this stage data is gathered after the changes are made and feedback is also got on the changes made. Any corrective action to be done to make the process perfect is also done at this stage.


You should know that the change management process is all about managing the people who use this process, and managing the resistance to change that might come from these people. With this the impact of the change on the performance should be minimized so that the process goes on smoothly to get the desired business results.

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