Understanding management accounting information

Management accounting information is mainly related to the decisions that are taken by the management based on the accounting information given by the management accountants. Informed business decisions are taken based on the information got in management accounting. This equips them with better management and control.

Management accounting information is not reported publicly and kept confidential by the management. It is usually forward looking and it computed with information from various sources in the management information systems. These systems do not necessarily follow the accounting standards. The main reason for this information to deviate from accounting standards is that it is used by the management for decision-making.


The management accounting information is also extended to other areas like strategic management, performance management, and risk management. The information got from management accounting is used in these three areas too. These are important areas that need decisions from the management to run smoothly. Hence these areas also use management accounting information for informed decisions by the management. Decisions to improve the performance of the organization and the ways to measure and report risks are done by the information got from management accounting.


Management accountants play an important role in organizing the information got from the management accounting systems. They organize the information in such a way that it is helpful for the management to take informed decisions. With this kind of role the management accountants are considered as ‘value creators’ in the organization. The future of the organization and the processes within the organization depend on how the information is handled by the management accountants.


Now-a-days custom management accounting systems are developed so that the top management always gets the required information at the click of a button in the system. These systems are built so that they get information from various other systems in the network in the organization.

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