Understanding human resource management systems

In this digital age, human resource management is not possible without human resource management systems. Human resource management systems are actually IT enabled human resource management. All the functions that are done in HR are done with the help of information systems. The HR discipline is merged with information technology and the modules with HR functions are created to meet the need of human resource management in the organization.

Employee data like skills, personal, capabilities, achievements, compensation are all electronically stored in the database and the human resource management system helps to retrieve all these information. With the implementation of human resource management systems the manual work which was done earlier is done easily. It is easy to keep track of the employee details and other information easily.


The human resource management systems usually have different modules for different purposes. Some of the common modules found the human resource management systems are Payroll, Time Management, Benefits administration, Recruitment, Training, and Performance Appraisal.


The Payroll component of the human resource management system gets other details such as the working hours of the employee for a particular month, taxes and any other deductions to be made for that month. These details are got from other modules like Time Management and the amount to be deposited to the employee account is made automatically or the check is printed for them. Usually this payroll module is also integrated with the finance module of the organization.


The Time management module gets information such as the working hours of the employee for a month. Some advanced modules get time information automatically from other devices such as swipe card reader etc. This process is automated mostly in all the organization for improving the efficiency of the system.


Details of insurance, compensation, stock options and retirement benefits are all stored in the benefits administration module. The recruitment module helps the HR department in recruiting employees for the current vacancies in the various departments of the organization. The recruitment module is also web-enabled to get the applications for various posts of the organization from the candidates online. This eases the process of short listing the candidates for the interviews.


The company can also advertise their vacancies online using the recruitment module. A sub module like ‘applicant tracking system’ is also used to track the applicant’s progress through the interview process.

Many such modules are available in the Human Resource Management Systems to enable the HR functions to be done easily.

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