Understanding Time Management Strategies

Make time management an automatic part of your every day life and that will e one of easiest time management strategies. Small things always add up. “Little drops of water, little grains of sand make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land”, so says a poet.


A few extra calories a day add up to a few pounds of fat. Going up a flight lf stairs or taking a walk regularly can burn those pounds off. Likewise spending a few minutes on time management daily will render you more organized to achieve your goals.

Time management strategies scheduling

Time management strategy is so simple that many simply over look it. You should schedule every task in to your day and stick to it. If you have a lot of laundry work each week end and want to do it through out the week schedule doing it as a task on week nights before or after you go to work. Load the washer before you go to bed and in the dryer as soon as you get up. One extra load of laundry a day makes a big difference in the week end work load.


Scheduling your time on a working day is not an easy way to improve your time management skills. Be prepared to schedule all your time not just the time you give to your employer.


Time tracking

As you look at your watch at noon you wonder how time has flown. Maintain a time sheet for a few days to know where time has gone. Lawyers and others who bill by the hour do this all the time. Ensure you keep track of your time during the week and at least on a weekend day.


Look back to your time records, categorize, high light all the time you spent on the phone, the phone in the car and on the computer.Find ways to use time better by analysis. If you are frequently on line don’t forget to take advantage of online bill paying. Any way, you will know, at least where your time went.


Multi tasking

This is a strategy combining two activities at once. Examples of multi tasking are reading a book on the bus and white traveling in a train. As you drive you can use audio books to learn a foreign language or simply to catch up on your favorite novel.

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