Understanding data management definition

Data management is wide topic and it covers various aspects within it. it is an umbrella term that encompasses other areas that are lower level and might not clear for many professionals who do not have knowledge in this. A quick search on the net using a good search engine will reveal you a lot of data management definition.

One of the data management definition as provided by the Data Management Body of Knowledge is “Data management is the development, execution and supervision of plans, policies, programs and practices that control, protect, deliver and enhance the value of data and information assets”. Other such definition with slight variation is available in many websites.


When we say data management there are many aspects that are to be covered. One of them is the physical storage of data and retrieval of data from that storage when necessary. The other relates to the software that is used to create the data, store it in the physical storage and if needed edit the data interactively.


Apart from these two there is another aspect that is used to manage the structure themselves instead of the data in it. This comes under the topic data administration. The management of data thus covers wide topic ranging from physical storage to accessing data to administering the database. It also covers the standards that are to be followed for storing data.


To be precise on the tasks that are covered by data management, we can say, data architecture, analysis and design, data maintenance, administration, access, erasure, privacy settings, security, integrity, quality, master data management, business intelligence, data mining, backup, warehousing, and meta data management are some of the task that are to be done.


With these concepts being clear you can understand the data management definition clearly. However you might search for this term and get the different views expressed by different experts for the data management definition.

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