Understanding data management concepts

Data management is a very complex task that involves a lot of components that work in synergy. The data management concepts can be grouped into different entities that have common tasks pertaining to a data module.

The first is that of development of the data management system.


This involves data architecture, data modeling, and data analysis. Only of the data is analyzed the other two tasks are done. You should know the type of data that gets into the database and based on that only you will use a particular model and a database.


Next comes the database management. It involves data maintenance, administration and the database management system itself. The administrator role is important that they perform all the data administration activities and maintenance.


Choosing the right database for your organization based on the type of data and the volume of data that is keyed in is important. Most of the leading vendors of database provide you with an inbuilt database management system. Apart from that there are third party database management systems that can be used.


The other concept that you should be aware of is the data security management. Access to the different modules should be given only to those who need it. Proper authentication and authorization is needed before they access the data in the database.


This security can be implemented at the application level itself. It should be decided who should have access to which data and they must be provided links to that tool accordingly. This would prevent unauthorized access of data and change made to the data.


Data quality management concerns about the removal of duplicate data and making sure that the data in the database are reliable. Data integrity is maintained by the quality team. For making use of business intelligence, you have to use the data warehousing concepts. Data that are older enough to be not used in the mainstream application can be moved to a warehousing server when another application would interpret the data available and give useful information about the customers or any other entity. This helps the management in making decisions for the future growth of the organization.


Meta data management and Document management are other conception that comes under the data management concepts.

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