Understanding Change Management

Change is a process that is followed when any change is made to the process that is followed in any business environment. A simple change in the process might affect the other processes in other departments. However not all departments will be aware of the change that was made. To ensure that the change made to the process is known to all the departments in the organization, the change management process is followed.

Consider that there is a change or a feature is added to the software used in the business process and this change in the feature will be done immediately. A process has to be followed to effect that change. Once the decision to change a feature is made, it is informed to all the departments that are using that software. The impact of the change on the departments using that software is studied and intimated to the respective departments. The quality team might be testing that feature and once it has been approved it will go live.


Proper documentation is made for the change management. Once it is initiated a document stating the purpose and the steps to be accomplished to complete the task are given in written. This document is circulated among the departments and proper approval is got.


The impact of the change in the feature is studies carefully by the respective departments and then only the approval is given. If any of the impact in their department is not addressed, they might raise the issue with the concerned change management team to get it included in the documentation. Finally the top management also has to give its nod for the change to be effected in the process.


With the change management in place the changes made are known to each department and it is sure to improve the business process. However some believe that it will slow down the actions taken when needed.

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