Understanding Capital Asset Management

Capital Asset is a different term that you have to know if you are tax payer! Yes, you will be paying the tax if you gain from the capital asset and you can write off your losses when you lose from your capital assets. When it comes to tax, you have to know clearly whether you lose or gain from the capital assets.

Hence capital asset management is also a task by itself, since the tax you pay depends on the capital gains and losses incurred. The IRS is very much interested in your capital assets as they tax you for the gains and gives a very little relief on the losses. If you are going to claim for the losses that capital asset has to be something like stocks which is an investment property. Managing capital assets can also be outsourced to some professional organizations that can do that work for you for a nominal fee.


Another point worth making a note is how long you hold that capital asset with you. If you are holding it for less than a year and gain from it, then it will be considered as a short term capital gain. If you hold it for more than a year and gain or lose from it, then it will be long term capital gain or loss. Short term and long term capital gain or loss has different tax rates and tax calculations. You have to calculate your taxes according to that.


Your capital assets gain might be taxed from 5% to 28% and you could only claim losses for $3000 per year. Check the IRS for the latest tax rates on the capital gains and the claims for the capital losses. Every one of us has some capital assets without knowing that we own it!

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